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Am I just making everything worse?

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There is a real battle when in pain. It grabs your attention and makes you wonder "Is this pain new? Does it mean I have done some tissue damage? Should…

Belinda is Back Moving and feeling great!

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"My chronic pain started as a 17 year old when I was playing competitive netball and I got to the point where I heard constant clicking and limping and I…

 Claire Shares Her Long Term Goal Struggle

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I have a plan to race walk 20kms this year. There is a national race at the end of the year which I not only want to complete but also…

Sinead Completes Her First Triatholon

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Getting up at 6am on a Sunday to go swim in the ocean, ride a bike and then run with jelly legs, alongside hundreds of strangers, probably doesn’t sound appealing…

Blog 10: Mobility

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The definition of mobility is “the ability to move or be moved freely and easily.” Our joints have a range of movement considered to be normal and finding ranges of…

Blog 9: The Role of Massage

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Today I want to explore massage and its role in ongoing lower back pain. There is evidence to suggest that massage can be beneficial in reducing pain in chronic lower…

Blog 8: Gradual exposure and Pacing

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Last blog I talked about returning to activities which currently result in a flare up and how finding a baseline is good starting point, but what’s next? Today is all…

Blog 7: Boom and Bust

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I get excited by being active. I have always loved netball, running around and pretending like I can do gymnastics, basketball, ballet, parkour, rock climbing or anything involving movement. Experiencing…

Blog 6: Just Move

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An all too frequent situation when someone talks about their back pain is to focus on what movements they can’t do. This leads to FEAR AVOIDANCE. Fear avoidance is the…

Blog 5: The Plastic Brain

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The brain has been discovered to be plastic. Not Tupperware plastic but neuroplastic meaning the brain has the ability to change and form new pathways over the course of a…

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Tailored Health turned 3 years old, Bare foot bowls and BBQ review, A different kind of MUSCLE visits Tailored Health, Claire qualified for racewalking, Golfing with Ben: You won’t believe this!

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