Ben has teamed up with Joel Feren, a dietitian known as The Nutrition Guyto deliver corporate nutrition and exercise workshops. The duo can design and deliver dynamic wellness programs for your employees.

Both Ben and Joel have been on their own individual health journeys and have made the changes needed to improve their personal wellbeing. Some time ago, Ben was diagnosed with high cholesterol, and he identified a need to focus on his diet and lifestyle in order to help reduce his risk factors for heart disease.

Joel also faced health challenges in the past, having struggled with his weight during his adolescent years. He too, identified that he needed to make dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve better health.

Together, Ben and Joel understand that change can be difficult. And that is why they offer no-nonsense, evidence-based nutrition and exercise programs. The pair guarantees to deliver health tips in a novel and interactive way that will encourage and support your employees to make impactful changes. All corporate nutrition, exercise and wellbeing workshops are fully custom-designed to meet your employees’ needs.


Addressing both absenteeism and presenteeism (when issues prevent employees from being fully productive at work) is a challenge for businesses nationwide.

Research shows that employee wellbeing boosts the health of the organisation. Additionally, healthy workers are more effective and efficient at work and have fewer sick days. Estimates suggest that almost 6.5 days are lost to presenteeism per employee each year in Australia.

Ben and Joel’s bespoke nutrition and movement-based programs will support the health and wellbeing of employees, at both an organisational and individual level.Rather than focusing on shoulds and should nots, rules etc. they explore techniques to equip your employees with the know-how to make healthy and long-lasting life-style changes. Additionally, the team takes a holistic approach to food, diet and exercise. The focus is on all aspects of health so participants are empowered to take charge of their own health journeys.

Ben and Joel are results-focused. You will see a measurable return on your investment with a healthier, more efficient and present work team. Data indicates that businesses will yield an average return of $5.81 for every dollar invested in workplace health programs (Australian Government).

Contact Ben and Joel to discuss how they can help improve the health of your employees to create a more prosperous and thriving workplace.


  • Healthy eating for busy corporates
  • Corporate golf – learn simple moves to help your performance next time you’re on the golf course
  • How to create a healthy and balanced workplace lunch
  • How to reverse bad posture
  • Nutrition mythbusting
  • Master the standing desk
  • Boost your mood with these health hacks
  • Breathing to boost energy levels
  • Vegetarian and plant-based cooking demonstrations
  • Boxing basics
  • Healthy BBQ demonstrations
  • The zero equipment high intensity interval session
  • Learn to love exercise
  • Mindfulness/mindful eating
  • Clarity precedes success: learn how to set smart health and lifestyle goals
  • What to snack on at work

NB: The duo are based in Melbourne, however, they are happy to travel interstate to meet with your employees. Please get in touch to discuss.