This program has been created to help you with your chronic lower back pain

Over 6 weeks the group program takes a wholistic approach.  You will gain an understanding of what influences your pain while increasing mobility, strength and quality of life as you start to manage your pain. The group structure creates a great environment for group discussion allowing everyone to share stories and talk to others in similar positions who understand.


– Decrease level of pain and flare ups

– Increase knowledge and understanding of persistent pain

– Learn individualised self-management strategies in relieving and preventing pain

– Increase fitness and function without causing flare ups

– Improve quality of life

PROGRAM STRUCTURE: 6 weeks of 1 hr group sessions including 15 mins interactive education and group discussion and specifically tailored exercises for each individual. Education topics include:

1) What is Persistent Pain? Central sensitisation and the pain cycle- break the cycle!

2) Mindset and acceptance: Playing above the line, accountability.

3) The stress effect: stresses impact on pain- can’t change pain but can change stressors which helps pain.

4) Activities of enjoyment: importance of relaxation and doing feel good activities.

5) Pacing strategies: avoiding flare ups, taking preventative action.

6) Goal setting– physical, social, personal etc. while managing pain.

HOW DO I JOIN? Contact Claire on 0434 451 226 or