Why complete the challenge?

Welcome to the Back Moving 30 Day Challenge (BM30DC). The challenge was built to provide for those who’ve had persistent pain for over three months with the best opportunity to get Back Moving and reduce the level and/or frequency of pain.

Read below what Kim has to say about the program!

50-year-old dealing with multiple health issues, including chronic hip pain.

The Back Moving 30 Day Challenge has helped me in various ways.

Recognition:  It was the first program to acknowledge that my chronic pain issues were both real and addressable!

Goal setting:  The program helped me set realistic short, medium and long-term goals. This gave me hope; reasons to work; and measureable outcomes to test.

Results:  I have reduction in pain levels; increased movement and stngth; and a more positive outlook since I began at Tailored Health.

I chose the Back Moving 30 Day Challenge at Tailored Health for the following reasons:

  • I like that I can utilize both group and individual sessions in order to maximise my outcomes while keeping expenses reasonable.
  • The program was able to take into account my history, mental health and physical issues when establishing my initial exercise plans.
  • Although the team at Tailored Health push me to work hard, they also do not ask me to do anything beyond my capabilities.

The advice I would give to those planning on getting Back Moving at Tailored Health would be:

  • Trust that Ben and Claire will listen and help you.
  • Work hard.
  • Set goals/outcomes and then actually reward yourself when you achieve them.

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How the challenge works?

To ensure you get the best results possible we have taken a holistic approach with the challenge including three main areas;

1. LEARN: Will include information and tools to help you manage your pain and get you Back Moving

2. MINDSET: Will address what we can do to feel better, more often and reduce our pain levels

3. DO: Will be tailored exercise in our Enable Exercise group classes along with simple home exercises

As you will find, these three areas all need to be addressed to be successful in getting you Back Moving. Simply working on one aspect is not going to give you the best opportunity to get on top of your pain. You will notice as you gather momentum during the program, you feel more AWARE, FOCUSSED and will begin achieving the RESULTS that you have desired. Full framework below.

What you will get?

Other than greater movement and ability to enjoy daily activities, we have created a handful of tools to help you, both, now and in future years.

1. A BOOKLET which will guide you through one step at a time with different tasks each day. We have aimed to keep these to 15 minute tasks. The booklet will require you to think about certain aspects of your health and life, all geared towards helping you get Back Moving. The booklet will become a highly useful resource that you can always return to if you find yourself going off track.

2. A SCOREBOARD which will allow you to stay on track and accountable, plus give you a great sense of achievement as you progress through the challenge.

3. A few simple HOME EXERCISES to get you started. We make it easy for you to remember the exercise and get them right 100% of the time using the latest technology in exercise programming, Physitrack (PhysiApp).

4. ENABLE EXERCISE GROUP TIMES will be set up to allow you to get confident with the right exercises for you and your body. Also a great opportunity to discuss with us any questions you have regarding your exercises or booklet. For more information on ENABLE EXERCISE GROUPS click here.

5. Daily EMAIL, which will be part of series that directly relates to the booklet. Each email will have instructions on how to complete the daily task plus links to some fantastic resources that help provide you with further context and information.