I started working with Ben in July 2013. At this time I was injured, unfit and overweight. With Ben's help I have had a full recovery from my knee injury, have significantly increased my overall fitness and lost over 20kgs. This has assisted me become more confident in my overall fitness and approach to life.


I have had thyroid cancer, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis was diagnosed earlier this year (2015). Working long hours in a highly stressful demanding role, as well as being a wife and mother, my weight had spiralled and my metabolism and fitness level was at an all time low. With Ben's help I began walking 30 minutes a day and completing a circuit of exercises at home. Gradually this increased and I began including short bursts of jogging in my walks and upping the intensity of the circuits. I am now able to run for 10km and have lost over 15 kg from when I first went to my doctor. I am very happy to recommend Ben and Exercise Physiology.


After having three children, and with a history of lower-back issues, I was a bit nervous about training again. I had always been a very active person, but had accumulated small injuries from years of running and carrying children.
Ben has a friendly, patient approach and his knowledge of how to plan training for my personal physical challenges has been key in helping me to gain strength, flexibility and tone. He also has a great repertoire of stretching and core exercises, and can easily adapt my program for how I am feeling on the day. I am always challenged in my sessions, but also enjoy them. I have definitely suffered less injuries and discomfort since I started weekly sessions with Ben two years ago.


With the (Type 2 Diabetes) group support and encouragement I now enjoy increasing my fitness as well as feeling healthier and happier.


Following heart surgery, Ben and I worked out a set of personal goals and then matched it to an emerging exercise program. Concentrating on realistic goals we have steadily increased my cardiovascular fitness. Regular revision meetings with Ben have seen a steady and sustainable weight loss over seven months as well as better health and fitness as the progression towards set goals continues.


Initially I was diagnosed with sciatica, with times of severe pain referring down my right leg, from hip to knee. I had my first appointment with Ben in July 2014, since I have been seeing Ben consistently, I am no longer experiencing the sciatic nerve pain.


I'm 41 years old and was most recently was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (chronic pain disorder). Ben has taught me how to exercise within my limits and in ways that will not re-aggravate my injuries. We have worked on core strength and I have even started doing aqua aerobics.